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No Excuses

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Shari believes most salespeople can sell anyone anything. It’s getting them to purchase today that requires an entirely different skill set.

This course teaches proven methods for creating urgency and techniques for increasing your average sales price.

Participants learn the difference between excuses and objections and how to isolate excuses to get to one of six real objections. Students then practice various rebuttals and closes to answer these six customer concerns.

Additionally, we discuss the distinctions of Master Closers; vital for anyone that aspires to reach the top in this profession. During this course, you will become proficient in:

  • The effective use of body language and tonality as a means of getting the final commitment.
  • How and why to change the emotional state rather than altering price.
  • The Ten rules for any master closer.

This workshop is ideal for those learning to close more efficiently, for new salespeople who need to create urgency without pressure and anyone who wants to close more deals faster.

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