Effective learning requires involvement. Our seminars engage participants with interactive exercises, games and contests, role playing and much more; combined with audio and visual multimedia, Levitin Group provides the ultimate learning experience. From our tried and true, most frequently requested programs, to custom curriculums designed for your organization, Levitin Group powers improved sales results, confidence and enthusiasm.

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Capitalize on the power of customization with private


Our custom consulting is 100% focused on your business, prospects, and sales processes. We study your best practices and combine them with our proven methods to create a scalable, consistent result.

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For Leaders, Managers and Trainers


As leaders, you hold the keys to your teams’ success. The Levitin Group three-day Showtime workshop will show you how to use those keys to unlock engaged, energetic performers who connect with your leadership and share your passion. Performance soars and you have less turnover from newly energized team members.

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Special Live Seminars and Training


A winning selection including training, keynotes, seminars and customized consultation.

Strategic consultation to enhance your sales, training and oversight processes.

Results oriented. Levitin increases sales.

A new set of tools to drive accelerated growth.



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