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Third Level Questions – The Discovery

Couple making a good decision
Couple making a good decision


The biggest mistake salespeople make is we don’t listen, we don’t ask questions, and when we do we don’t ask the right questions.

In the discovery you find out the core motivators of your client, their emotional reasons for buying, their pain points, and their objections. This enables you to tailor your presentation to address the specific needs and desires of your customer.

Chapters include:

  • The Rules of the Discovery 1
  • The Rules of the Discovery 2
  • The Rules of the Discovery 3
  • Third Level Review
  • Adam’s Goals of Discovery
  • The Discovery with Barry Ley
  • Simple as 123
  • Unlocking Customer Priorities

This course is featured in Levitin Learning – Fast Track. This category contains fast track lessons of the essential elements of the steps of the sale, from your mental mindset all the way to closing your deal.


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