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Before we bid farewell to summer and usher in the arrival of fall, enjoy my most popular videos from the month of July.  Some may help you to rethink your approach while others may reinforce what you already know.

In the words of Charles Darwin, “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”

The Rare Skill Every Thought Leader Must Master

You lose the luggage.
You get dumped.
You hop on the wrong flight.

The most frustrating things that happen to us are often actually our biggest opportunities for GROWTH.

Personally, some of my greatest ideas and innovations for my own company have come from these “fish out of water” moments.

Remember, when we keep doing the same thing over and over again with the same people we shouldn’t wonder why we don’t have inspiration.

It’s time to SHAKE IT UP!

Never Ignore When a Salesperson Says This (Sales Leaders)

If you can’t give your salespeople your time and attention for a one-on-one, to really figure out who they are and what drives them…

You can’t expect to receive their best.

Remember, “Manage” is a verb.

Managing and leading our people takes our action, too.

It’s those one-on-ones that make the difference.

It Took Me Ten Years to Learn This

People don’t believe it when we say it…

They believe it when they say it.

Try this strategy the next time you’re trying to close a deal with a ghost in the room.

Not Using This Close is Costing You Thousands (Sellers)

When your prospect says “You know, we need to take some more time.”
Whatever it is, it’s a time thing.
The goal isn’t to keep checking in on them and asking for the sale…
The goal is to get to the final objection and make sure it’s the only objection.
Because what we can’t do is overcome or diffuse an objection that’s not REAL.

Almost anything can be practiced but practicing anything requires the skill and the WILL to work.

Do good work this month.

Be More. Sell More.

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  • Suzanne Carter says:

    Very informative and interesting will definitely use your techniques. They are proven. Thank you

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