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What are you willing to give up in order to reach your goal?

When my mentor asked me that question I was stunned. The truth is, I had never thought of that before. Sure, I knew what I wanted. Sure, I posted a picture of a shiny new car on my fridge. But giving something up?

Giving something up to get what you want requires pushing yourself. You don’t have to push yourself to the max every day, but you do need to push beyond your comfort zone. (After all, isn’t that what we ask our customers to do every day?)

At every major turn in life, you make decisions that determine your future.

Success and personal growth requires asking the difficult question, “What am I willing to give up?”

I hope you’ll give up a bit of time this year to attend the biggest, baddest sales conference in the world – the only conference focused exclusively on sales prospecting, pipeline, and productivity.

As for me?  I trekked thousands of miles…to get there.

I started my journey in Antarctica…

…where I hung out with penguins and hitched a ride on a ship!

I made a pit stop in the Andes Mountains…

…where I had to deal with flash floods!

I took cover in a cave…

…then ziplined through a canyon.

I made it to Panama, where I kayaked amongst the mangroves…

…then hopped on a waverunner, headed to the Panama Canal.

My journey isn’t complete – I’ve still got a ways to go, but I’ll be there soon!  Will you?

Why Outbound? Because there are no gimmicks – just actionable strategies to win sales in 2021. I will take the stage as a speaker, along with some of the most acclaimed speakers, trainers, and strategists in sales. It’s THE event for sellers and leaders who are willing to give up a bit of time to gain a decisive competitive edge.

If you haven’t secured your ticket yet, what are you waiting for?  There are less than 60 Main Event PLUS tickets remaining and just a handful of Elite PLUS tickets left.  Can’t attend in person?  No sweat – grab your Virtual Elite All Access ticket or your Virtual Main Event ticket and join the fun from the comfort of your home office.

Want some even better news?  You can save $100 on your ticket(s) when you use the code Shari100.

In addition to me, you will hear from speakers including Anthony Iaanarino, (the smartest dude in sales), Mark Hunter, (the legendary prospector in sales) Victor Antonio,(omg, the energy and knowledge!) and Jeb Blount, (my mentor and role model) AND greats such as Amy Franko, Andrea and Richard Waltz, Art Sobczak, Bernadette McClelland, Brynne Tillman, Colleen Francis, James Muir, Jeff Bajorek, Kendra Lee, Kenyetta…and more

Join me at Outbound 2021 – an experience like no other!

And you might want to drive or fly in a plane…it can get awfully cold out there! #Comehellorhighwater, Outbound!

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