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A challenge for many sales people is creating urgency and commitment from the customer who appears to love everything about the offer, but simply won’t commit to spending dollars today.

What’s the secret to handling the client who is agreeable throughout your sales presentation, who appears open and engaged, only to say when you’re finished presenting, “ I Like it, I Love It, I’m leaving!”

Recognizing this Customer

Many terms have been used to describe this type of customer. At Levitin Group we call them Professional Procrastinators. How do we spot this customer?

  1. They’re enthusiastic about everything. They tell you early on that they’re in fact looking for your product and want to purchase. However, they won’t commit when its time to buy.
  2. They have few or no questions about what you are selling.
  3. They give vague, non-committal responses to your trial closing questions.
  4. They discuss how perfect the thing you are selling would be for their neighbors.
  5. They ask for your business card half way through your presentation.

Strategies for Dealing with the Professional Procrastinator

  1. If the customer says up front that he’s looking to purchase your product, simply and earnestly ask him one or all of the following questions:
    • When are you expecting to make this purchase?
    • What do you need to see in order to get involved with us here today?
    • How much have you budgeted for this purchase?
  2. Ask trial closes that gain commitment rather than compliance throughout the presentation. For example:
    • Good: Do you see why so many people are using our product?
    • Better: Does it make more sense for you to use our product?
    • Best: Given the fact that spending quality time is important to you, and our program will help you do just that, are you prepared to get involved today?
  3. If the customer seems overly agreeable with everything you say, simply:
    • Ask him to purchase no matter what step of the presentation you’re on.
    • Ask him the real reason he’s not going to purchase today.

Performing commitment trial closes, asking someone to buy, and/or asking him the real reason he or she is not going to purchase takes courage.

You can get a negative response at the beginning of the presentation or at the end. It’s much more beneficial to get the real objection out at the beginning so that you have ample time to overcome it.

Remember, “If you’re afraid to lose, you’ll never win!”

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